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Urban Tree Connection engages the community through a variety of programs which are available to residents of all ages. Collectively, these programs are UTC’s Growing Healthy Initiative. Growing Healthy programs began as after-school and summer camps which provided opportunities for children to spend time outdoors, engaged in creative play and active learning through gardening activities.  As our children outgrew those programs, UTC realized that not only could we lose the very close and trusted relationships we’ve cultivated over the years, but it's that we could possibly lose those children to the streets. This prompted UTC to create programs for our pre-teens and teens which would pay them a stipend, and teach them job-related responsibilities, behaviors and employable skills.

Although the Growing Healthy Initiative has always engaged Haddington adults in forming neighborhood associations, fresh produce delivery routes and cooking classes, we wanted to engage more adults. In 2010, Urban Tree Connection was named Conservator of a ¾ acre tract of land, which we have built into a community farm, and from which we provide produce for our farmers’ markets. Neighborhood Foods urban farm co-op, and farmers’ markets have afforded Urban Tree Connection the ability to engage many more adults and seniors as we strive together to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs in this food desert, and make fresh food accessible to Haddington residents in their own neighborhood.

Click here to view Urban Tree Connection Reports for 2010.

Click here to see curriculum developed for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Environmental Curriculum Grant (available for download).

Children's programs aged 4 – 18 years

Each After-school and summer children’s program takes an informal approach to educational enrichment, fostering creative play, discovery and active learning in a natural setting.

Pearl & Conestoga Street Garden Club

Teens-Go-Green at The Memorial Garden

Pennsgrove Garden Club

Sickels Street

Teen Programs

The VeggieKids


Partner Programs

Project Home

Young Scholars Frederick Douglass Charter School

Urban Farming

Neighborhood Foods CSA

Anita’s Garden

Haddington Townhouse Community Gardens

Perennial Gardens

UTC’s community perennial gardens were constructed to both displace drug houses that block captains had removed, and to give seniors a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors in safe and secure gardens.

The Seniors’ Rose Garden 5308 Parrish Street

Sickels Street Garden 5427 Haverford Avenue

Lemoyne’s Garden 5401 Westminster Avenue